Car How to fix the fallen interior ceiling without removing it?

Car How to fix the fallen interior ceiling without removing it?-Auto Guides

Auto parts have a life after which they begin to break down or fail.

It could be that you have an old car, or that you are lazy when it comes to maintenance, or that you expose your car to the sun for a long time. The sun is your friend, but not in your car. If you leave it in the sun without protection, the inside roof of your car can fall.

To repair the roof liner in most cases you need to remove it, however, there are ways to repair it without removing it. Here we will tell you how to do exactly that.

How to fix the fallen roof without removing it?

You can replace your old interior roof with a new one, but that is not a viable decision, as the main panels along with your dashboards are quite expensive. The entire expense could be the same as buying a car.

So even if you want, I would not replace it. Fortunately, there are other ways to repair upholstery that are cheaper and more practical. Read more and find out how to repair your roof.

1. Use glue to stick it on

The first thing you can try is the glue. The upholstery is already glued on. This glue fails in overtime, which means you need to reapply it. This method works best if the interior roof has only partially sunk. In areas where the ceiling fabric has come off, apply super glue or you could even apply hot glue for a quick fix. If none of those works, you can search the market for the special adhesive used to stick the ceiling fabric to the board. Be sure to apply the glue evenly and properly for the best effect.

2. Use pins to hold it

If you want a quick fix, your next best option after the glue is to use pins. The pins are inexpensive and can be easily applied. They also don’t take a long time to apply. All you need to do is buy yourself a set of thumb pins and you’re done. Take some pins and place them against the fallen interior ceiling to keep it together with the board. You can even make a design with the pins to make them look attractive, and in return, make the interior of your car more attractive. This method requires no special experience and requires the least amount of time, so if you ask us, pins are the way to go.

3. Clear-headed twist pins

Torsion pins are a special type of pins that can be termed as the real solution for your downed roof. These pins have a pointed end that twists at the head. When you push it against the dash, you have to rotate it and the roof lining will stay in place. This is the cheapest way to stop a downed roof. You can even use the clear head turn pin to make a unique design on your roof.

The nice thing about clear head turn pins is that they don’t damage the dash as other pins do. They will not make holes in the board that could cause it to disintegrate further. That is why they are a better option than glue or thumbtacks.

4. Use a steam cleaner

The real reason the roof liner collapses is that the glue that holds it loses its grip. You can try to revive its power by using a steam cleaner. The steam cleaner can melt the glue on the roof liner and restore its adhesion. In this way, the interior ceiling can return to its place in the frame. When you’ve used the steam cleaner to melt the glue and put it back on the frame, you can use a paint roller or even a ruler to firmly attach the roof liner to the frame. You will not leave a wrinkle or crack. If the buckling is around the edges, that’s a bonus.

5. Use double-sided tape

The tape is a unique invention that can help you with almost everything. You can use it to make a quick fix almost anywhere in your home or in your car. A dropped interior ceiling can also be fixed with tape. All you have to do is buy a double-sided tape. The double-sided tape will adhere to the roof frame and fabric, making it adhere firmly. This method is useful if you suffer extensive edge damage.