How much is it to repair car scratches

How much is it to repair car scratches-Auto Guides

“How much to fix a scratch on the car” is a full question, has it ever been.

Some choices have “hidden” and far-reaching costs that exceed only the initial cost. Many people think that a scratch is just a cosmetic problem and it is not worth fixing it. However, experts say that in most cases it is better to fix the scratch than leave it alone.

Even if the car is an older model and its resale value does not have a major impact on damage, scratch repair helps protect the car and prevent damage from worsening. Car paint is a strong barrier against moisture and dirt. When dirt and debris get to zero from the road, they gradually increase the scratch. When water gets to zero, it will cause metal rust and corrosion. And if the water freezes, it can cause even more damage. However, repairing scratches can be expensive, so it’s important to understand what options are available.

Sometimes people wonder how much it costs to repair a scratch on the bumper or how much it costs to repair a car with a key or how much it costs to repair a scratch on the door.

The answers to these questions are not as important as the exact location and type of scratch. In other words, it’s more about the type of damage to the area. For example, estimates for common bumper scratch damage can range from $ 800.00 (amazingly small damage) to $ 1800 +, which will require removing the old bumper cover and installing a new bumper cover and all components And paint to match it to your vehicle.

The 2 main ways that will determine how much it will cost to fix a scratch on a car.

We will analyze 2 possible solutions that determine how much it costs to repair the scratches in the car. However, before we get into this, we need to talk about the role your car insurance plays and whether you should consider claiming damage caused by scratching.

Submission of an insurance claim vs. Paying from your pocket

Compared to other driver’s insurance companies, when you are the person responsible for repairing your car, you have two options: you can file an insurance claim or pay for it yourself. Consumer advocates believe that there are important things to consider before filing a claim. First, it is important to understand that there can be “hidden” costs in making a claim, as doing so may increase your insurance premiums.

Consumer advocates advise that if the estimate is between $ 300.00 and $ 500.00 of your deduction, you should pay out of pocket and DO NOT go through insurance. For example, if your tax-deductible cost is $ 1,000.00 and the cost of the workshop is $ 500.00, you should seriously think of paying out of your pocket to avoid any potential increase in stake.

Also, if you have had a car accident or a fine in the past three years, the insurance company is more likely to increase the cost of your insurance if you file a new claim. Typically, the cost over time of the higher premiums equals a lot more money than you would pay out of pocket for the scratch repair.

It was also widely agreed that if this is your first claim and you are at fault, the rates will go up approximately. 20 -25% Or even if they don’t if you have a discount for not having claims and being a “good driver”, those will disappear and effectively increase your rates. If this is a second or third claim, your rates could double or even more depend on numerous factors.

1. How much does a scratch repaired by a body shop cost?

(the most expensive and uncomfortable option – obvious cost and hidden cost)

Understand there are a time and place to take your car to a collision shop for qualified body repairs; for example, if there were a serious crash and damage to the sheet metal and/or frame etc.

Body repair shops or collision repair shops perform a wider range of repairs, and they are usually the better choice for major crash damage involving deep scratches and scratches. They are also the preferred method when cars are relatively new and severely damaged (over $ 1500.00 estimate). In a body repair shop, the scratch repair usually involves repairing an entire panel of damaged scratches. The panel should be sanded, primed, refilled, sanded again, and repainted. The result will look like new, but it will cost much more. Currently, auto body shop estimates will generally be a minimum of about $ 800 (everyone is amazed at how seemingly minor scratch damage can cost $ 800.00 and more). Generally understand the estimates of Body shops on average are around $ 1,700.00 … and it only makes the agony of a new car owner much worse.

* NOTE: One thing to keep in mind if your vehicle is newer and you are considering going to a body shop to have a panel or panels repaired. Having a panel restored in a body shop will devalue your vehicle, no matter how well the job has been done.

* * This is why I always tell people who are looking for a used car to choose to see a “touch up” on a scratch even if it’s not so well finished – at least you know what’s there and whether the panel is still the original finish made at the factory instead of worrying what’s beneath the paint and whether the work was done well.

In the case of a scratch from a smashed deep key and running through, say, 2 or 3 panels on the side of the car (in a 4-door sedan, this could be a fender and two doors), the shop will want to restore the entire side of the car since they want to cover their bets in case the color is not perfect. In general, auto body shops charge between $ 500.00- $ 800.00 PER PANEL. This means that if they say they need to repaint the entire side of the car, multiply each panel by $ 500 at the bottom end. So if you have a 4-door car, you’re looking for a $ 2000.00 bill, most people when they get the estimate to get sick to their stomach due to label crash.

In the end, if you send your vehicle to a body shop for finishing:

next year you will take a hit on your insurance (hidden cost)

The vehicle value will take a hit (hidden cost)

When you want to pay out of the pocket you should forget the next winter trip to Hawaii

You will be without the car for 1 to 3 weeks (hidden cost/inconvenience) everywhere.

2. How much does a scratch repaired by a professional retailer cost?

(Obvious cost-no hidden cost)

Professional details carry out cosmetic repairs both outside and inside the car. When retailers repair a scratch, they usually polish the surface of the car to remove the scratch, then improve the paint and polish the surface. Retailers are much cheaper than tinmen, usually, they charge from $ 100 to several hundred dollars for an outline or panel, depending on the type of car and paint. Most people automatically think that this is their only choice for light scratches that do not penetrate beyond the car’s clear coat. The rule is that professional retailers do not really retouch, except that the most basic things, such as applying paint to rock chips in your hood or the front bumper or chips on the edges of the doors.

*NOTE: It is nice to use polish and a machine to remove traditional isolated clear coat scratches and to repair a neglected paint finish in general. Surprisingly as it sounds 98 percent of professional detailers don’t know anything about touch-ups beyond a quick dab with a brush in road chips on a car hood, front bumper or door edge chips. The real pros of touch-ups are called “restoration” specialists- these people are experienced in jobs such as long deep key cuts, alloy wheel “curb rash” and bumper scrapes, others are specialists in tear repair or leather upholstery holes. The problem is that they are not very common, like retailers, however, you can bet your last dollar on all the high-end used car dealers in the city to find out exactly who they are. They tend to cater to used car dealers and are quite busy.