How To Replace A Tail Light Bulb?

How To Replace A Tail Light Bulb?-Auto Guides

While driving on the roads and highways, your main objective should be to reach your destination safely and without incident. Compliance with traffic rules and sensible driving are not the only ways to do this. It is important to keep your vehicle in good condition and make sure it is working properly. This is true for something as simple as a taillight. When night falls or the weather is bad, it won’t be easy for other drivers to see your car if one or both lights are off. Replacing the rear bulbs is essential, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

How to Change Brake Light & Tail Light Bulbs

1. Start by determining how to access the rear light bulb on the vehicle. On some vehicles, the rear lights are reached from the outside, while on other cars and SUVs you have to go through the boot to get to the rear light bulb.

2. Now that you know how to get to the tail light bulb, you’ll be able to determine what tools you need. You probably need a flat or Phillips screwdriver. Grab the tools you need and remove the screws that secure the rear light housing in place. If your vehicle provides easy access to the tail lamp, you may not need tools. Just tear off the fabric to reveal the light bulb in the socket.

3. Once you have removed the housing, determine which bulb (s) you need to replace. Locate the socket that holds the bulb you need to replace. To remove it, unscrew it by turning it a quarter of a turn or so to remove it.

4. Carefully pull out the bulb and take it out. Most pull out, but some may require a quarter turn to remove. Depending on the configuration of your vehicle, there may be some additional screws to remove. Be nice in doing this, so you don’t risk breaking the light bulb.

5. Before installing the new bulb, clean the socket to make sure there is no dirt or debris. Insert the lamp into the open socket in the same way as removing the lamp. You may need to wear gloves to protect the bulb from damage.

6. Reverse the process you used to remove the old light bulb. Replace the tail light housing by screwing in the screws you removed. Replace any additional parts you may have had to remove to access the taillight bulb.

7. Last Start your vehicle to make sure the taillight works properly.

If you have trouble determining how to reach the taillight bulb, refer to the user manual.