Three myths about European car maintenance

If you are driving a vehicle made in the UK or Germany, you may have heard some misunderstandings about how to keep the car operational. Car maintenance in Europe is different from the support of American brands and models, but this does not mean that the maintenance range or cost is high. This does not mean that it is difficult to find qualified care services. Let’s take some common car maintenance myths in Europe as examples.

Three myths about European car maintenance-Auto Guides

Myth 1: You can only repair European cars at dealers

Many European car dealers like the belief that the only way to keep a vehicle intact is to provide repair services at the dealership. Because dealers tend to charge higher fees than typical independent auto repair shops, this can increase the thousands of dollars spent on the life of your car. The truth is, as long as you take your vehicle to a certified store for regular maintenance,The warranty is still valid.

Misunderstanding 2: Any mechanic can work on your European car

On the other hand, car repairs in Europe should not be carried out by any Joe Schmo. To get the best results in your car’s life cycle, you must go to a car repair shop that goes explicitly through BMW services, Mercedes services, or UK car repairs. Also, please be sure to check the store’s voucher in advance. What kind of training and certification do technicians go through? Does ValueStar or other rating agencies certify it?

Misunderstanding 3: European vehicles require a lot of maintenance costs

There is a misconception that German and British cars are particularly sensitive vehicles requiring many trips to the mechanic. While some vehicles are actually more sensitive than others (even among American and Japanese models), generally, these European brands are well-designed, precision cars. It is true that importing parts can be a bit costly, but as long as you adhere to your vehicle maintenance schedule, maintenance should not be too high under normal circumstances.