Damaged car air conditioner? Try car air conditioning repair at home

Thinking about driving a car without an air conditioner on a hot summer is almost cruel. With wear and tear that your car experiences every day, there are often problems with the air conditioner. While most of us spend money on repairs, there is something simpler to do. You can fix it with the help of basic car air conditioning repairs at home, saving yourself the cost of visiting a car mechanic. The hack is easy to carry out, whether you have a hatchback or a sedan. Yes, here’s what you can do if the car air conditioner is broken.

Damaged car air conditioner? Try car air conditioning repair at home-Auto Guides

Car air conditioning repair steps

Checking the air flow

After starting the car and setting the air conditioner to the highest level, determine how warm the air is. It may even be fun, but not as cold as it should be. In this case, the problem may be in the airflow. This can be normalized by replacing the car cabin filter.

Checking electrical problems

Check that the cooling fans are working well. If not, it could be an electrical problem. Also, check the air conditioning compressor. This is done to determine what repairs he needs. Check the engine compartment and check that the centre of the pulley rotates with the rest of the pulley. This happens when the clutch is on. If the agent does not rotate, the air conditioning compressor may be damaged. You can solve this problem by replacing or filling with refrigerant.

Trying other problems

Many compressors have a wire connected to the clutch. Find the connector (probably in the centre) and unplug. Check your battery for the present. This will need to be replaced if there is no present. This will need some dedicated service.

If it works well, go and check for leaks. You can easily do this with the help of leak detection kits. The process is easy and is explained on the package packaging.

In the absence of leaks, we look at the problem with the refrigerant.

Preparation for the refrigerant

You must buy the right refrigerant for the car. All cars manufactured after 1995 use R134a. Use 12 for older ones. If your car belongs to the latter, you need to bring a professional.

The most important thing in-car air conditioning is temperature. You must check the ambient temperature with a thermometer. Why? Because the refrigerant takes up different amounts of space in the can and in the air conditioning system at different temperatures.

Handling the Port

Now locate the lower A / C service port. Just follow the lines coming out of the compressor to end up with the nozzle at the bottom of the car. Take off the cap, clean the port, line and cap with a piece of rag. If necessary, wipe with brake cleaner. Now connect the charging hose to the second hose port connected to the refrigerant nozzle. If the kit has a meter, connect it to the meter first, then to the nozzle. Hold it long enough that the container can remain outside the engine compartment. Observe the ambient pressure all the time.

Filling the coolant

Turn the valve on the can until the seal opens. The refrigerant will be released as soon as the seal breaks. Hold the can vertically as the coolant passes. Check the ambient pressure as indicated by the indicator. Continue filling until the pressure on the pressure gauge is full. If there are any leaks on the line, you’ll be able to locate them quickly. In this case, you need to take the car to a mechanic. If not, just close the cap after filling with refrigerant. You A / C car is back with excellent cooling.