What is the cost of car maintenance?

If you thought gas prices were high, then think again! After purchasing a home, buying a car is America’s second-most-cost purchase. Not only the price tag on the window sticker but also take you to that slum. All the expenses you need to pay to own a car: car insurance, registration, especially car maintenance.

What is the cost of car maintenance?-Auto Guides

How much does car maintenance cost?

When you split it into dollars and cents, it is best to sit down. It’s no wonder why your Visa card will show racing stripes on the back after use. For a typical family in the United States, car maintenance costs alone account for 5% of their income. For a lower-middle-income two-income family with an annual net income of $ 75,000, the total yearly income is $ 3,750.

Break it down. The average cost of living per month is $ 312. I think it’s about two vehicles, so it’s not so bad … right? Wrong. It’s still USD 156 a month. Since you only return your car for maintenance purposes every three months, your average bill is a bit shy if $ 500 per visit!

This is crazy. And if a car breaks down due to lack of maintenance, your only choices might be to sell it or trade-in your non-running vehicle.

Why so expensive?

Throughout the years, the cost of car servicing has risen, but it’s not that bad. Before the mid-1980s, an engine rebuild would be expected every three to five years. Standard maintenance included repacking of wheel bearings and replacement of belt every few months.

Today’s repair shops are paying more every hour, exponentially. Although there are fewer maintenance items, labour and auto parts costs are higher.

Plus some individual items, balance around. Synchronous belts often need to be replaced now, and synthetic motor oils are commonplace in many cars. How’s the effect? The average car maintenance cost has increased. Moreover, you must either pay for it yourself, or do it yourself, or stop driving.

The car with the lowest maintenance cost

You can reduce some maintenance costs by buying a much cheaper vehicle. Car maintenance costs by brand may mislead you, but it can indicate your expectations.

Toyota – a proven and real Toyota has always been one of the cars with the lowest maintenance costs. It is not that there is something special – quite the opposite. They don’t break so often, they are efficient and still cost the least.

Honda-Honda vehicles have a reputation for reliability, as Toyota does. Perform minimal maintenance, and it will take years. Also, they were manufactured for easy access for repair and maintenance.

Mitsubishi – Mitsubishi vehicles are less popular on the streets than their Japanese counterparts, and are known for reliability and the same low cost of ownership.

But when you purchase a Chrysler, Ford, Kia or Chevy, you’re going to pay brand-by-brand among the top cost of car maintenance …

Luxury cars with the lowest maintenance cost

However, this is a change in luxury cars. The highest maintenance cost is the luxury car. The typical maintenance cost of Mercedes is higher than any domestic brand, not just BMW. Audi’s car maintenance costs are second only to Mercedes-Benz, but only $ 100 per year.

The minimum maintenance cost of luxury cars will come from Land Rover, Infiniti and Ac song. But please note: the annual maintenance cost of all three vehicles is higher than that of non-luxury brands! Keeping up with maintenance is better than engine knock, although this will allow you to sell a car with a flat tire.

Luxury parts cost

Are you trying to avoid high maintenance costs? You could do your service, but that’s IF you have the technology and the right tools to get the job done.

what can you do

If paying high maintenance costs is not a good time for you, please buy an electric car. The maintenance cost of electric vehicles is expected to be much lower than that of family cars, but it will take some time until electric cars are rampant.