Basic car care and maintenance

If you get on a plane and want to fly across the Pacific to Vancouver or Santiago, Chile, you want to believe that the plane has received scheduled maintenance checks, right?

And if you were preparing to ride a roller coaster, you’d expect someone to have checked for loose bolts, electrical integrity, and worn track pieces at some point in the last 5 years, right?

It is the same with your body: you know that it needs regular maintenance. If you are smart, eat decent food, sleep what you need to function, go to the gym now and then and visit the doctor if something is not working well. It’s just common sense.

But what about your car?

Basic car maintenance and basic services to increase the longevity of your vehicle

Basic car care and maintenance-Auto Guides

When it comes to your vehicle, prevention is 1,000 times better than cure. Basic maintenance is cheaper than overhauls due to negligence.

For some reason, many people neglect the basic maintenance of their car. His philosophy is “Hey, it’s running, what’s the problem?” Excuses never end: “I just don’t have time.” “I know nothing about cars.”

There are all kinds of ways to kill a perfectly good vehicle, and one of the most common is to neglect basic maintenance. Driving too long with the same spark plugs, forgetting to change the oil, and turning a deaf ear to squeaking brakes or mysterious noises can mean an early trip to the junkyard for your vehicle.

You can also be fined for not caring for your car. Random police random checks may cite you for bald tires, faulty brake lights, a broken seat belt, a broken windshield, and a host of other issues.

Read the instruction manual

The service manual for your car may not be as exciting to read as the latest bestseller, but it contains a lot of helpful information and tips: which fluids need to be refilled (and how often), how is the tire pressure checked? What to do if your engine overheats and how to change the turn signal bulbs? Here’s how to do basic maintenance properly.

Checklists for automatic maintenance and service

Vehicle technology continues to improve all the time, and today’s car engines are much more advanced than the ones your parents grew up with. With modern computer-controlled engine management systems, the old days of opening the bonnet, grabbing a wrench and the moment “you will be right” are over.

Although modern car engines are a little more complex now, the list of simple things you can do to keep your car running smoothly is largely the same as it was half a century ago.

But although modern car engines are now a bit more complex, the list of simple things you can do to keep your car running smoothly is largely the same as it was half a century ago.

Car Basic Safety Checklist

1.Seat belts: check the operation of the tension and the belt buckle

2. External Lights – replace bulbs if necessary

3. Parking brake – Make sure you can hold the vehicle on a slope

4. Windshields and mirrors – check windshields and mirrors for cracks

5. Wipers – Check brush wear, replace if necessary

6. Horn: make sure this works

7. Liquids – Check engine oil and engine coolant level

8. Tires: make sure the tires are at the correct pressures, check the tread

9. Spare tire and jack – make sure they are operational, check toolkit